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Joseph stull 

Joseph is currently an MPA student at the University of North Georgia where he studies Public Administration.  He is now applying for Ph.D. programs for Public Administration and Policy and hopes to be accepted soon. Currently, he as written three academic papers that are in-press and has begun his fourth. His hope is that his can bring his unique views from the military and public service to the field of public administration. 


Select Publications

Explore below to see the articles that are in press and currently being worked on.

Public Administration Dichotomy

As U.S. politics as become more partisan, its has become evident that public administration dichotomy is broken. 

Raise the Motor City - A case study on non-profits

Raise The Motor City is a cause study focusing on the challenges that exist between non-profit organizations and public administrators. 

Administrative failures in afghanistan

There are many lesson we can learn from the failures of Afghanistan. In this article, we explore four things we can take away from such a conflict. 

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